The EFPSA Board of Management

The EFPSA Board of Management (BM) is responsible for providing oversight and support to all teams and activities of EFPSA, maintaining the ethos of EFPSA, and for providing foundations for the organisation’s growth, in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. Although responsible for coordinating the teams within the Executive Board (EB) and the Member Representatives (MRs), officially the BM is a team within the Executive Board.

Collectively the BM is mandated with ensuring that EFPSA maintains a sustainable position, upholds the EFPSA Statutes and operates in line with the EFPSA Domestic Regulations. The BM works to see that internal working practices are applied and developed, and that projects are planned effectively and accomplished by teams of the EB and MRs. The BM is also charged with contributing toward the strategic, long-term, development of EFPSA as well as with establishing external partnerships for the organisation.

The Board of Management of the mandate 2017/18 at the EFPSA Congress in Azerbaijan.

Currently the BM is composed of seven positions: the President, Vice-President, Head of Finance, Secretary General, Marketing Officer, Activities Officer, and Member Representatives’ Coordinator. Naturally, each of these positions carries its own responsibilities and areas of focus within EFPSA – described in more detail beneath (role descriptions are also available to download here). Each BM position takes responsibility for teams of the EB, and in the case of the Member Representatives’ Coordinator for the MRs. In this regard, the BM members coordinate regular meetings and communications with their teams. Alongside such work, the BM works collectively, with decisions on a wide range of matters relating to the character, activities and nature of the organisation being shared by the Board after discussions. The BM meet on a frequent basis – typically once a week.

The BM are the first group to be formed at the beginning of the EFPSA mandate – after elections by the MRs at the first General Assembly of the annual Congress, an event that usually takes place at the end of April each year. Thereafter, the new members of the BM are responsible for running applications and interviews with all those interested in joining the Executive Board and making selections before presenting the entire EB to MRs for approval – details on this procedure can be found here.

In addition to the two meetings of the EB and MRs during the mandate (at Congress and at the Joint EB & MR Meeting, with the latter typically taking place half way through the mandate), the BM meet on two more occasions – at so called Board of Management Meetings. Typically these are hosted by a member of the BM, and take place in August and February. Alongside these meetings, the BM meets once a week for an internet-based meeting to review developments of the week and discuss on-going projects.

Lastly, if you’re interested to hear more from the BM, we would note that they produce a monthly post, the BM Postcard, to keep the EFPSA community up to date on recent developments and activities within the organisation – this is posted in the EPFSA News feed and on the Official EFPSA Facebook page at the beginning of every month.

Available to download | The BM Role Description document