This edition of the Board of Management postcard marks the last postcard of the summer for this mandate. Although it was hard to balance between EFPSA work and holidays, the Working Community did and amazing job and we are more than happy to share these updates with you!


Board of Management


In the month of August, the Board of Management has been adding the last highlights to the First Board of Management schedule, which starts on the 2nd September. The President and Vice President have been busy with the Working Community’s Team Skype Reports. They met with every team within EFPSA Working Community to see how has their work progressed and how are the teams functioning and throughout the entirely of the meetings, the team’s  motivation and EFPSA spirit among teams motivation and EFPSA spirit was overwhelming and exciting to say the least.


In the meantime, Ying Wai Cheung (Finance Officer) represented the Board of Management in Czechia at one of our EFPSA Events – Train the Trainers, which prepares creative and motivated students to make a step into the world of delivering trainings to the EFPSA Working Community, as well as to other organisations.



External Relations Office

It has been a bit quiet in the External Relations Office with the summer break kicking in. However, the Policy Team started to update the Privacy Policy. They are working hard on finishing the Migrants and Refugee Position Paper, as well as on starting other Position Papers. The External Relations Coordinator is preparing to attend the EMSA (European Medical Students Association) Autumn Assembly in Romania.

EFPSA Office

The EFPSA Office has been working on a big calendar with events for psychology students which will soon be added to EFPSA’s webpage. We are all excited for this new feature which will make psychology students aware of different conferences, workshops, and seminars around the world that they can attend.

Finance Office

With the end of the holidays in sight, the Finance Office is ready to renew contracts with current-partners, find new partners and prepare the application for next’s years European Youth Foundation (EYF) grant. With this year’s EYF grant, the Train the Trainers 2018 was successfully implemented.

Marketing Office

In this last month of summer holidays, the Marketing Office is preparing themselves for the following months of hard work. The team is ready to start the preparation required for Humans of EFPSA which is an annual project of Marketing Office that is carried out  during the Joint EB&MR Meeting. If you want to see how the previous years’ Humans of EFPSA videos look like, simply check the official EFPSA YouTube.

Member Representatives Office

The Member Representatives have started an exciting new project together with EFPSA Office – this being the translation of the EFPSA Wikipedia article to their respective languages. This is really exciting, because it means that soon even psychology students that doesn’t speak English very well can learn about EFPSA on Wikipedia. This month was also committed to the Team Skype Reports where we exchanged a lot of ideas for the upcoming Joint EB&MR Meeting. It really was great to see each other in video, laugh and exchange stories. We are looking forward to some  amazing team buildings activities in Kowary, Poland!

Events Office

This is the busiest period of the mandate for the Events Office! This year’s Train the trainers, held in Czech Republic, has just come to an end. This event was very successful thanks to the great Organising Committee and the Training Officeand so we would like to take this opportunity to wish a heartfelt good luck to the new generation of EFPSA trainers! Currently, the Junior Researcher Programme Conference is being held in Athens Greece. We are also working on the Joint EB & MR meeting, and getting more excited about it every day!




Study & Travel Abroad

The Study and Travel Abroad team is extremely proud to announce our new hostel partnership with Far Home Hostels ( Travel Network Card holders will receive 15 % discount on a reservation for a bed in private or a shared room by using the code EFPSA18. The Greece – Slovenia exchange was successfully completed and we are assisting the preparations for the upcoming exchanges between Germany-Romania and Macedonia-Malta. Our internship team is developing an internship evaluation survey for all EFPSA interns in order to achieve quality assurance for all EFPSA internship opportunities.

Social Impact Initiative

Our team is currently finishing the certificates for the previous wave of the Mind the Mind campaign and we are slowly preparing ourselves for the next wave. Evaluation of the previous wave of the campaign and improving of the workshop materials are still ongoing. The challenge for this month on our OAK page is all about being kind to your surroundings, so get involved ASAP if you are not already involved!

Training Office

The Train the Trainers Summer School took place between August 18th-26th with the financial help of the European Youth Foundation. The participants of this year’s TtT were introduced to the Better Together Campaign and the topic social inclusion before the event, and they will continue to work on this topic. Train Advanced Trainers Organising Committee started its preparations, hopefully more details about this event will be announced after the Joint EB&MR Meeting. The Training Office is also working on restructuring its events, Trainers Meeting and the Trainers Conference. Also the Finance Office and the Training Office are collaborating to create a Trainer’s Map and provide the Trainers’ Community with more opportunities.

Junior Researcher Programme

After the kick-off at the European Summer School in the Netherlands, the six research teams started working on their projects in the field of Psychology and Sexuality. The Junior Researcher Programme team is excited to accompany them on this journey and hear about their first steps soon. Meanwhile, the conference preparations are in their final phase and all the people involved are looking forward to the 4-days event in Athens. Additionally, the Organising Committee secured some internship spots for the participants in Athens, in order to provide an even better learning opportunity.



If you want to be more involved in EFPSA and be the part of one of the great opportunities EFPSA offers, check out these open Calls and do not hesitate to apply!

  • Coordinator of the 3rd EFPSA Academy 2019 – deadline is until Sunday 2nd of September 2018 23:59 (CEST).
  • Local Coordinators for the Mind the Mind Campaign 2018 – deadline is until the 31st of August, 23:59 CEST.
  • Local Coordinators for the Better Together Campaign 2018 

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the whole Working Community for their hard work and inspiring motivation.


With warm regards,  

Tea, George, Marija, Ying, Elvira, Vicky & Nicole

Board of Management 2018-2019