Things are going into a fast-paced mode as the 32nd EFPSA Congress in Malta is knocking at our doors. With another month over, we are another month closer to the end of the mandate and a lot of hard work is currently underway to make sure that this mandate is truly a success!

Board of Management

Each of the members of the Board of Management are working close to their teams to deal with the ongoing and upcoming tasks. Furthermore, the Board of Management is preparing for the second Board of Management Meeting, which will be held in Slovenia between 22nd and 28th March 2018.

Services & Offices

Junior Researcher Programme
January stood under the sign of the upcoming EFPSA Congress 2018. All six research groups appointed two students, who will present their work at the upcoming Congress in Malta. Apart from that, the planning of the internships for the JRP participants in Greece is shaping up.


Study & Travel Abroad
Travel Network managed to make two new partnerships with hostels in Portugal. The team aims to contact as many hostels as possible in a greater attempt to make at least 5 new partnerships before the end of the mandate. The number of hosts in Travel Network Facebook group keeps rising, giving us 6 new hosts in Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Croatia and Sweden. Regarding the Tourist Guide, gathering of information is almost at its end with the database expanding their input for 15 countries. Next step is to include all the pieces of information into the Service’s Tourist Guide that will be posted on its blog.


Training Office
Training Office welcomed the new year with a lot of amazing things such as the induction of six new EFPSA Trainers in the Pool! In addition, TO has been working on the upcoming great Events – Train Advanced Trainers and EFPSA Academy (EA). This year’s topic of EFPSA Academy is “Team Work – How to be a better team member”. Soon, the Call for the trainers for the EA will be open and later the Call for participants – you, the volunteers from all around Europe. Moreover, TO has established a cooperation with YNGO Training Network, a new group of trainers from various youth NGOs, which works towards establishing sustainable development of the trainings systems. Last but not least, TO is having a face to face meeting at the beginning of February! They will share with you some insights from their working sessions.


Social Impact Initiative
The Mind the Mind Campaign is constantly developing further with around 75 Local Coordinators and more than 1600 volunteers from 26 countries. Most of the volunteers went through their trainings and are already hosting workshops for various age groups, with an emphasis being put on high school students. Various interesting events were organised as a part of the campaign and Zagreb successfully hosted one of them, where a workshop was held in one of the most popular student bars.


External Relations Office
The first trip of 2018 took EFPSA to Istanbul, Turkey for the European Medical Students’ Association’s (EMSA) European Week of Ethics where our External Relations Coordinator represented EFPSA and the role of psychologists in end of life care. Meanwhile, preparations for the European Health Students’ Associations Summit (EHSAS) are well underway and we are looking forward to reconvening in Brussels this coming February.


Marketing Office
In the beginning of January, Marketing Office announced the winner of EFPSA Lottery who won a free spot to the 32nd EFPSA Congress on Malta. They also announced the winner of EFPSA Day Giveaways who won different EFPSA promotional materials. The rest of the month, they continued to provide EFPSA Working Community with designs, photos and videos. Besides this, they worked on other projects for promoting EFPSA, such as Humans of EFPSA videos which will be finalised soon.


Members Office & Member Representatives
The Member Representatives have concluded one of their main tasks – selecting the participants for the EFPSA Congress! After several hours of reading applications, scoring and ranking them, all applicants have already been contacted and we hope to meet you at Congress this coming April.


Events Office
The Events Office has been giving it their all to open Calls for participants for the 32nd EFPSA Congress in Malta and the 5th edition of Train Advanced Trainers in Cyprus! A massive amount of applications from hundreds of interested applicants has come to our hands and while dealing with that, the Org.Coms for Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2018, European Summer School 2018 and EFPSA Academy 2018 are doing what they know best to deliver to all the EFPSA enthusiasts high quality events!

We hope you enjoyed reading our updates for the month of January and we look forward to sharing our developments with you next month.

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tea, Erika & Andreas

Board of Management 2017-2018