With five months already passed since the start of the mandate, we are looking forward to presenting you with the developments that the EFPSA Working Community. The teams are currently in full swing preparing for the upcoming Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting, taking place in Maasiek, Belgium, an internal week long meeting which marks the midpoint of the mandate and where the teams get to meet face to face following their election during the 31st EFPSA Congress in Gakh, Azerbaijan last April.

Board of Management
The Board of Management met for the first Board of Management Meeting in Portimão, Portugal, between the 29th August and 6th September, hosted by our Secretary General, Mónica Duarte. This intensive week consisted of a fixed schedule composed of topics related to the current developments and future endeavours of the Federation.  The Board of Management have presented the outcomes of this meeting internally and will be presenting various proposals, for voting by the Member Representatives during the General Assemblies held during the Joint EB&MR Meeting.

The Presidential Office, Clara Chetcuti and Nicola Falzon have been preparing for the first Member Organisations Presidential Skype Meeting of the mandate, where they will be meeting with the Presidents of the Member Organisations in EFPSA to discuss various matters regarding the work of the associations across Europe. Meanwhile, they have been liaising with the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA) regarding an upcoming collaboration; stay tuned for updates!

Services & Offices

Journal of European Psychology Students
During the month of September, the Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) has published another paper by students of the University of Wuppertal on the topic of semantic priming with homonymous nouns. The team is working on further developing the JEPS Ambassador project – stay tuned to learn more next month!

Junior Researcher Programme
The Junior Researchers together with their Supervisors have been making progress with their studies; some teams even looking into online research tools for quantitative data analysis. The Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Team has been keeping in touch with the teams, the Advisor, and the Mentor who will be hosting the JRP Conference in Greece next year. Meanwhile the previous JRP cohort are continuing and finalising their work.

Study & Travel Abroad
Study & Travel Abroad (STA) team has been busy developing their projects. Kicking off a new student exchange, the Exchanges Team have been assisting the Member Organisations of Turkey (Turkish Psychology Students Working Group) and Azerbaijan  (Young Psychologists Public Union). In the meantime they have also been involved in the Student Exchange between the Malta (Betapsi – Psychology Students’ Association) and Croatia (United psychology students of Croatia), currently taking place in Malta. The Travel Network has established new partner hostels within various countries including Latvia, Bulgaria and Lithuania; moreover they are working on the development of new projects including a Tourist Guide and a Buddy System. Finally, the Internships Team has established a new partnership and will soon be issuing the next Call for interns – stay tuned for updates!

Training Office
The EFPSA Training Office has been busy preparing for the upcoming Joint EB&MR Meeting, in order to effectively plan and execute trainings for the EFPSA Working Community. Meanwhile new projects are being discussed, while preparations are being made for the upcoming Training Events.

Social Impact Initiative
Throughout the month of September, the Social Impact Initiative (SII) team has been working on the fourth wave of the Mind the Mind – to Combat the Stigma of Mental Disorder Campaign. The Call for Local Coordinators for the Campaign is open until 25th September, 23:59 CEST, so get applying now! In the meantime, members of the team have been cooperating with the Presidential Office on an upcoming Mental Health related Campaign.

External Relations Office
This month also hosted the EMSA Autumn Assembly in Budapest, Hungary where our External Relations Coordinator, Valerija Vidovic had the opportunity to represent EFPSA. During this inspirational week, we were granted the chance to see how different health student organisations work as well as strengthen interprofessional collaboration. We would like to thank EMSA for the opportunity to spend time with ambitious and creative people which leading to ideas of some new projects and collaborations on the already existing ones such as collaborations.

EFPSA Office
The EFPSA Office has been supporting the EFPSA Working Community in order to allow them to complete their tasks with the best possible quality. The Administrative Support Responsible has been collecting feedback from the Working Community in preparation of the second Internal Newsletter, the Content Review Responsibles have been reviewing documents so all the information shared by EFPSA follows our Corporate Visual Identity and the Web Support Coordinator has been fixing any issues regarding the website and e-mail addresses and is starting a new project: a new registration platform for the annual EFPSA Congress. Finally, the EFPSA Office created a Facebook group for the Working Community 2017-2018 so that we can keep touch in an informal way and everyone can share experiences, photos and ask questions.

Finance Office
The Finance Office has been busy gathering material for reimbursing participants of the Train Advanced Trainers 2016. The Grants Team is overseeing and evaluating the process of grants management and constantly searching for new funding possibilities. We have also helped the Working Community with Negotiation and Wave Workshops while the Partnerships Team is keeping EFPSA’s portfolio up to date and also persistently searching for new partners. We are pleased to announce the establishment of new partnership with Routledge, providing students with 20% off and free shipping on their curated selection of titles which can be found here.

Marketing Office
The Marketing Office is working at full speed in preparation for the Joint EB&MR Meeting in terms of preparation of posters and merchandise. They are also busy preparing materials for the Mental Health related campaign which will be launched shortly while the Social Media Responsible, has also been in contact with the Services in order to enhance the use of EFPSA’s social media.

Members Office & Member Representatives
The Members Office has been busy preparing for a Joint EB&MR Meeting, preparing schedule for our Member Representatives (MRs) and developing new projects within its Office, like MRs Photobook so everyone can get to know each other before the internal meeting in Belgium. The Member Observer Coordinator has been busy staying in contact with Virtus, Montenegro, our Observer Organisation, so they are ready for a next Membership stage during the next Congress. The Office has also been discussing possible Observer Organisations. The Member Representatives have been busy promoting various Calls this month, while also doing general EFPSA promotion for all new university students.

Events Office
Events Office is “putting firewood into the oven” and has officially started working with new Organising Committees (Org.Coms) for the upcoming year. The team has gathered together and prepared the grounds for accepting the new Org.Com Coordinators. It has been a month of bureaucracy, consisted of a fair amount of meetings to discuss processes and nominate applicants for the positions of Org.Com Coordinators. Furthermore, we are more than happy to announce that the Events Office has started the communication with EFPSA Congress 2019 Org.Com in Denmark and Train Advanced Trainers 2018 Org.Com in Cyprus!
Moreover, final touches are being made for the Joint EB & MR Meeting 2017 in Belgium, with the Org.Com getting ready to welcome the Working Community in lovely Maaseik, Belgium while the EFPSA Conference 2017 is accepting its final applications for the Event!

On the other hand, EFPSA Congress 2018 Organising Committee is having more and more intense working sessions between the teams and the Events Office, giving it all they have to make this colossal project a success!

The Call for participants for the 3rd EFPSA Conference in Bosnia & Herzegovina is open until tonight, 24th September! Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and apply here now!

Finally, the Call for vacant positions within the EFPSA Working Community is still open and closes 25th September 23:59 CEST, follow the link for more information and get involved today!

We hope you enjoyed reading our updates for the month of September and we look forward to sharing our developments with you next month.

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tiago, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018

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