With the August coming to an end, we are excited to share with you all the news in EFPSA and show you the progress of Working Community who has been working really hard even during summer. Keep reading and find out what have we done and what have we prepared for you!

Board of Management
Currently, the Board of Management is working away at the first face to face Board of Management Meeting which is being held in Portimão, Portugal between 29th August and 6th September.

Offices & Services

External Relations Office
Between 29th August and 6th September the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) Autumn Assembly will take place in Budapest, Hungary. Our External Relations Coordinator will be attending the Assembly where she will also be delivering EFPSA presentation. We would like to extend our thanks to EMSA for their invitation to their meeting and we look forward to our continued cooperation on various projects.

EFPSA Office
The EFPSA Office has been working to support EFPSA Working Community in general by ensuring the documents are properly written and follow our CVI, fixing any IT issues that naturally arise while working online and facilitating the communication within the entire Federation. Apart from this, EFPSA Office is currently updating EFPSA Wikipedia page and preparing the first external newsletter. Finally, this Office is proud to announce that the first internal newsletter has been sent out to the Working Community.

Finance Office
The Partnership Team and Grants Team have been working hard since the last update. They are constantly updating EFPSA’s partnerships portfolio and negotiating with new partners. Recently, we have been negotiating with a company named BrightAnswer for supporting us with yearly donations. The Grants Team is wrapping up the second activity (Train the Trainers summer school) from European Youth Foundation (EYF) grant and preparing everything necessary for the Better Together campaign. Meanwhile, the Finance Office itself has done the accounting for the EFPSA Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Conference, a lot of reimbursements and all the important tasks for EFPSA’s finances to run smoothly.

Marketing Office
The Marketing Office has been collaborating with various EFPSA teams with the preparation of promotional materials. The Office is also creating and updating materials that will be used for promotion. Photos of the 31st EFPSA Congress in Azerbaijan were made available in Social Media so that our best moments could be remembered. We are looking forward to the completion of current projects so that we can share the work that has been made throughout this mandate.

Members Office
Members Office has not been into big projects during August, but have been brainstorming and collecting ideas on projects that, hopefully, will run from September. They were, though, busy making sure that every Member Representative and Vice Member Representative have all the information needed for promotion and for proper completeness of their tasks.

Events Office
Another busy month for the Events Office. Apart from the continuous support given to the several Organising Committees, two Events were held during the month of August. On the 4th August, the Train the Trainers Summer School 2017 held in Nijhuizum, the Netherlands came to an end and we proudly congratulate the 12 psychology students who graduated from this Event and started their training path.  Between the 1st and 4th August, the Junior Researcher Programme Conference 2017 was successfully held in Dublin, Ireland where the Junior Researchers had the opportunity to present the work they have been doing for the past 12 months.  The Organising Committees from these two Events are currently working on their post Event tasks. The Conference 2017 Organising Committee has been preparing the Call for participants which is open until 24th September. You can find all the relevant information regarding this Event here

Journal of European Psychology Students
For the month of August, JEPS has one new paper published by Pierce and Hoelterhoff, from University of Cumbria in the United Kingdom, on Cognitive Theories of Depression in Online Peer Support Forums.   [link http://doi.org/10.5334/jeps.405]. The Editorial team is working on 19 submissions which are currently being prepared for peer-review, and two publications which have been accepted and are in the final stages of the Editing process.

Junior Researcher Programme
The participants of the Junior Researcher Programme 2016-2017 Cohort presented their work at the EFPSA JRP Conference 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. Some of the groups will still carry on with their research over the next months – just like the new Junior Researchers, who have now started their project work in the 2017-2018 programme. In the meantime, the JRP Team has met with the Advisor and Supervisors and have started working on various matters regarding the different research groups.

Study & Travel Abroad
Study and Travel Abroad Team (STA) has been busy building new partnerships with new hostels to be added to the list of hostels whereby individuals holding the Travel Network Membership Card can receive discounts; they have even reached out to new countries including Italy and France. If you want to get access to the current partner hostels click here. The team has also been reaching out to get new internship opportunities for psychology students, while also compiling a questionnaire for the Member Representatives of every country to gather information about different institutions that can offer internships. The Exchanges Team is also finalising the final draft of the Exchanges Guidebook while compiling a survey to assess the needs and difficulties encountered when thinking about organising an exchange. The Study Abroad Team has also been busy dividing the masters database which will be distributed to the Member Representatives of each country/region to gather information on both masters and PhD programmes to continue enriching our map. Finally, if you are snapping away during an EFPSA Event or while travelling, send it to efpsasta or upload the picture on Instagram and use #efpsasta!

Social Impact Initiative
The Social Impact Initiative team is starting to work on analyzing the evaluations from the 3rd wave of the Mind the Mind campaign. We will be trying to improve the content of the workshops for the new, 4th wave. The certificates for the Local coordinators, volunteers and trainers who have carried out the 3rd wave of the campaign are being made and they will be out soon. The Social Impact Initiative blog, where interviews and stories from people involved in SII campaigns and generally people involved in mental health is being prepared and is going to be online soon.

Member Representatives
Member Representatives have been busy not even with promotion of EFPSA and sharing different Calls, filling in questionnaires for other teams but they are also looking for “partners-in-crime” to create more exchanges between Member Organisations, which makes us really happy!



Under the topic “Overcoming Divisions – Broadening Psychology”, the Call for the third EFPSA Conference has been officially open! The Conference will happen between the 16th and 19th November 2017 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find information regarding the scientific programme and practical information here or apply directly here no later than 24th September 2017.

Stay tuned because the Calls for the EFPSA European Summer School 2018 and the Train the Trainers 2018 Coordinators will open shortly. If you want to improve your skills and embrace a new challenge, do not miss these opportunities. You can find more information about EFPSA European Summer School here and about Train the Trainers here.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this month’s postcard and we are looking forward to sharing with you our progress in September as well. Lastly, hopefully, everyone managed to get some rest during summer and are ready to kick in the new semester.  

With warm regards from sunny Portugal,

Clara, Nicola, Mónica, Luc, Tiago, Erika & Andreas
Board of Management 2017-2018




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