The call for the EFPSA Congress 2019 Coordinator and Organising Committee has been extended!

The annual EFPSA Congress is the biggest Event of the Federation, which brings together around 350 psychology students from all over Europe for a week of diverse scientific programme, as well as an engaging social programme encouraging cultural exchange. Moreover, the Congress represents an opportunity for the EFPSA Working Community to meet in person and work on its projects and Action Plans, as it represents the start of the EFPSA mandate.

Following the success of the 31st EFPSA Congress, in Gakh Azerbaijan the EFPSA Congress has now been hosted in 23 different countries.  During this organisational period that lasts for two years, you will learn the principles and practices of event organisation, develop your project management skill, as well as your leadership skills. Do not pass up on the opportunity to bring EFPSA to your home country or region by hosting the Congress!

For more information about the role of the Congress Coordinator, please check out the following Role Description and the General Prerequisites Document. If you have any other comments or questions, feel free to contact Andreas Anthimou, Events Officer at events@efpsa.org

Please send completed application form, as well as your CV and proof of studies, to Mónica Duarte, Secretary General at applications@efpsa.org by Wednesday 24th May 23:59 (CEST). Candidate-committees are expected to deliver an online presentation on Tuesday 30th May 20:00 (CEST) so please read the Guidelines for the Presentation carefully.

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