The Board of Management 2016-2017 are enthusiastic to be opening the Call for the Board of Management 2017-2018 from the second Board of Management Meeting in Brussels!

All information regarding the purpose, main responsibilities, tasks and requirements for each role within the Board of Management are found within the Role Description Documents. Additionally, you can find a document outlining the collective responsibilities and functions that apply to all the members of the Board of Management here together with a General Prerequisites Document that applies to all members of EFPSA’s Working Community.

In order to get further insight into the position and to clear out any queries, it is encouraged for individuals interested in applying for the Board of Management to contact the person currently holding the position you are interested in.

Application Procedure

Kindly fill in and send your completed  along with a copy of your CV to ipp@efpsa.org no later than Friday 10th March 2017 23:59 (CET). Additional submission details can be found within the application form itself.

Please note that an individual may apply for more than one Board of Management position. The election procedure at the General Assembly will go according to the following order: President, Vice President, Secretary General, Finance Officer, Marketing Officer, Member Representatives Officer and Events Officer. If elected for a position, one’s candidacy for the subsequent other positions will not be taken into further consideration.

The applications will not be seen prior to the deadline.

If you have questions concerning the application procedure, please contact the Board of Management via secretary@efpsa.org.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Board of Management 2016 – 2017
Clara, Nicola, Jolien, Ana, Maciej, Artemis & Mónica



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