The call for the first EFPSA Academy Trainers’ Team is now open. You can find all information required to apply in this document. Please read through it carefully before deciding to apply.

What is EFPSA Academy?

The EFPSA Academy aims to bring together volunteers of European youth NGOs to enable them to develop professionally, establish networks, heighten their motivation and share experiences, while equipping them with a variety of skills and knowledge.

Hard facts:

  • Trainers team: 2 experienced trainers and 1 training coordinator (and 1-2 guest trainers)
  • Dates for trainers: 2nd to 6th March 2017
  • Place: Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Accomodation & catering: Will be provided for the whole duration of the event.
  • Travel reimbursement: €250 have been allocated for travel reimbursement and will be shared between the 3 trainers
  • Participants: 30 student volunteers from various NGOs
  • Dates for participants: 3rd to -5th March 2017

Please note that all work within EFPSA is voluntary based.

Responsibilities of the trainers’ team

The EFPSA Academy Trainers’ Team is responsible for everything related to content and dynamics of the event. There is a wonderful Organising Committee who will take care of logistics.

Being a trainer at EFPSA Academy means:

  • Being actively involved in the planning of the event by:
    • Reliably and efficiently communicating and cooperating online (starting from mid-January)
    • Creating the goals, flow, and schedule of the event.
    • Doing profound research on the topic of the event in order to provide evidence-based training sessions.
    • Analysing and addressing participant’s learning/developmental needs and goals.
    • Communicating with participants (including facilitation of their pre-event preparation).
  • Being fully present and engaged during the event:
    • Preparing the official sessions and framing the spaces for participants’ contributions.
    • Managing the group process and creating a safe learning environment.
  • Providing state of the art follow-up by:
    • Writing reports and high quality evidence-based handouts about all sessions delivered to create an EFPSA Academy Handbook.
    • Reliably and efficiently communicating and cooperating on-line to coordinate the evaluation of the event and providing follow-up for participants.

Application requirements

If you fulfil the following conditions we happily receive your application:

  • You have expertise in innovation and/or project management methods.
  • You have received sound trainer’s education and you have (preferably) several years of experience working internationally and with different youth organisations.
  • You can be fully present with training delivery, facilitation & coaching during the entire event (including 1 day before for preparation and 1 day after for evaluation).
  • You are available and willing to invest time for online preparation work and follow-up, as well as for virtual meetings of the event between the months of January and April 2017.

Application procedure

In order for you to apply, we ask you to provide us with four parts:

  1. Motivation letter (max. 2000 characters)

Besides you general motivation, please outline how you relate to the topic of innovation and project management and share your experiences and ideas.

Please save your letter as pdf named Academytrainerapplication_yourname_motivationletter.

  1. Training portfolio

Share with us your experiences with designing and delivering training events. Please structure this summary as an Excel spreadsheet (as a training portfolio) with the following columns: Date(s) – Event or session name – Duration (in days or hours) – Trainer(s) co-delivered with – Topic(s) delivered – Additional information (if needed).

If you have experience related to the topic specifically, please describe these experiences separately and more extensively.

Please save the portfolio as excel spreadsheet named  Academytrainerapplication_yourname_portfolio.

  1. Training outline

Write a (brief) session outline you propose for this event. Keep in mind that this session outline does not have to be perfect – we’re interested in your ideas, the gist of the goals, content and activities you have in mind. Also, it is perfectly fine to send us an already existing outline of a training you delivered before. If you are lacking any information you would need for designing the session, feel free to make it up.

Please save the outline named Academytrainerapplication_yourname_session. Choose the format you see fit to present best your ideas.

  1. Your CV (max. 2 pages)

Please save your CV as pdf named Academytrainerapplication_yourname_CV.

When all parts have been completed, zip them in a folder and email it to academyapplications@efpsa.org until 12.1.2017. Kindly note that only complete applications will be taken into consideration.

Contact information

For any clarifications and suggestions do not hesitate to contact the EFPSA Academy Trainers’ Coordinator – Mara Milena Suter – via email at trainingexpansion@efpsa.org.


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